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"Low carbon jobs for Europe" shows that at least 3.4 million European jobs are directly related to renewable energy, sustainable transport and energy efficient goods and services. This compares with 2.8 million jobs in polluting industries, such as mining, electricity, gas, cement, and iron and steel. It is predicted that the low-carbon economy will continue to expand in the future, whereas employment in extractive and climate polluting industries will continue to decline. The study clearly points at the winners and provides evidence that climate-friendly policies and technologies make a positive contribution to the economy. The clean economy is about to take off. If politicians continue to support industries that contribute to climate pollution, Europe will face high costs in the future, both for the economy and the environment. Available figures suggest that in Europe close to 400,000 people are employed in renewable energy activities, some 2.1 million in efficient transport, and over 900,000 in energy efficiency goods and services. These jobs include, for example, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines and solar panels, and construction works to improve efficiency in existing buildings. Related indirect jobs are estimated at approximately another 5 million. All are showing significant growth, with particular focus on wind power, solar photovoltaic, bioenergy, public transport and building sectors. Leading European countries are Germany, Spain and Denmark for wind power, Germany and Spain for solar power. Other countries see developments in similar activities, with high potentials for improvement. In doing so Europe will demonstrate confidence that ambition in tackling the climate problem goes hand in hand with developing the engines of future economies and employment. As this report shows, making a strong emissions reductions commitment will also support the fastest growing and highest job contributing areas of the economy.

Notes : http://www.panda.org/what_we_do/how_we_work/policy/wwf_europe_environment/news/?167021/Going-green-is-where-the-jobs-are-new-study Synthèse en Français : http://www.wwf.fr/content/download/3092/23741/version/1/file/160609-RapportEMPLOISVERTS-R%C3%9Asum%C3%9AEx.pdf

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Date modification : 17/11/09

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